What should the world’s largest entrepreneur conference focus on?

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As many of you may know, TiE Inflect (previously called TiEcon) is one of the largest entrepreneurial conferences in the world with over 5,000 attendees coming from over 20 countries. In fact, Worth magazine rated TiEcon amongst the top 10 conferences along with World Economic Forum and TED.

Which technology to cover?

The pace of technology innovation has accelerated to a level that most of us, even in Silicon Valley, have a tough time keeping up with new developments. Even though most entrepreneurs specialize in one technology area, successful ones want to stay updated about innovation in adjoining industries. Therefore, our goal is to find ways to educate our target audience on key trends and innovations outside their core expertise within a day or two.

At TiE Inflect 2018, the underlying theme is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it impacts multiple other domains.

Basic technologies that are changing the landscape

After a lot of discussion among many industry experts, we decided to choose three core technologies that are redefining the phase of many industries. Hopefully, many of you agree with the recommendation of these three technology areas:

Some of our experts suggested that these technologies are so new that we should not only discuss the core technologies but provide a hands-on session for managers and engineers to brush up and get some hands-on experience in the form of a day-long Bootcamp. So, in addition to our annual Startup Bootcamp, we came up with the following two Bootcamps on May 3rd, 2018 in Santa Clara convention center; a day before the start of TiE Inflect.

In the end, only thing that matter is Applications

The list of vertical markets/applications that will be affected by these technologies is really large.  Since we have only two days to cover everything, we picked the markets where the impact is larger, the target is B2B markets and has a ready base of interested people in our ecosystem. After a lot of deliberation, we picked the following vertical markets and how they will be impacted by AI/Machine learning and Blockchain:

But what about…?

Yes, Youth is the future of any organization and many movements have brought forth the issue of women in technology to the forefront. So, besides having TiE Youth track, we are bringing back TiE Women track based on popular demand. Thanks to the participation of many women in planning this track, we expect TiE Women to be a must-have track for all women in technology.

Seeing is believing

Everyone wants to see these new technologies in action. So, we have created a Startup Expowhere you can see various startups from all over the world that are making a huge difference in these technology areas.

What are you waiting for?

TiE Inflect is one of the few conferences put together exclusively by 200+ volunteers. It’s an opportunity to network with 5,000+ attendees while enjoying inspiring keynotes and getting educated on various markets. Go ahead and register before prices go up. Don’t forget to invite your friends too!

This blog is written by R. Paul Singh, convener of TiE Inflect 2018 and originally published at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/what-should-worlds-largest-entrepreneur-conference-focus-singh/