Meet the Young Entrepreneurs who will present their ideas at TiEcon

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Ever since February 6, a group of pre-teens and teens have been learning about how to be entrepreneurs at TiE through the TiE Young Entrepreneurs Silicon Valley Workshops. Now, finally, their pitches have been judged and the winners announced. These winners get to preview their presentations at TiEcon on May 7 during the TiE Young Entrepreneurs track and you can learn what these digital natives see for the future.

And the winners are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Auto Lock: self-locking bicycle lock 
  2. Clutter Rabbit: a way to dispose of your clutter in ultra-local communities
  3. Kicks: a software bot that can help seek hard to get items (Shoes, merchandise, or tickets)

With honorary mention:

  1. Tutorship: finding other HS students to do hyper-local and affordable tutoring

The members of this team were too young to qualify for the global TYE competition but they will still present at TiEcon.

One of the three winners will ultimately go on to compete in the global TYE competition in June.

You can watch all the teams pitch here:

Instructor Naeem Zafar, along with the organizers of the program, say they are “impressed by each student’s dedication and hard work” over the last few months. They hope students will continue to learn and refine their thought process because this journey lasts a lifetime. Who knows—maybe someday soon, these students will be presenting as one of the TiE50 Awards finalists!

After experiencing the Young Entrepreneurs track at TiEcon, make sure to sign up for the Startup Bootcamp by TiE, specially designed for young entrepreneurs and taking place in July.

by Vanessa Zucker, Marketing & Communications Manager, TiE Silicon Valley