AI for Entrepreneurs – from buzz to reality with USP²

Venkat Eswara AI/ML, TiEcon 2021

We have seen significant technological advancements during the last decade and artificial intelligence (AI) has the become the buzz word across various industries. There was never a day or a conversation in venture capital (VC) communities, businesses, social gatherings or government policies that didn’t include a single mention of AI. Just the mention of AI made individuals and organizations relevant …

TiE50- TiEcon Startup Pitch Competition

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What is TiE50? The prestigious TiE50 awards recognize the top technology and technology-enabled startups at TiEcon, the world’s largest entrepreneurship conference. Since its inception, 84 percent of TiE50 winners and top startups have been funded at a total of over $1 billion. Many of these companies went on to acquisition or a public offering, with 29 of the exits at …

Don’t miss the Mentorship Opportunities at TiEcon 2020

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Mentorship is at the core foundation of TiE. MentorConnect is the flagship program at Virtual TiEcon 2020 that provides a structured environment for mentorship to all TiEcon attendees. It is being held virtually from 12:15 pm to 1:30 pm PDT on both September 2nd and September 3rd. You have the opportunity to seek advice and get feedback from these luminaries …

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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Boost Their Mental Health

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 Building a business from ground-up is a challenging task. It requires a lot of hard work, long hours, days without sound sleep, and spending a lot of time away from your near and dear ones. The life of an entrepreneur is a stressful one. Stress caused due to physical, emotional, and mental challenges.  Like most people, entrepreneurs tend to their …

Road to TiEcon 2020

Join us on June 24 on this digital journey to TiEcon 2020 !

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Article by Anand Akela TiE Silicon Valley’s first Road to TiEcon ( RTT) event is taking place on June 24. We’ve got an exciting program planned so don’t miss it! Silicon Valley luminary Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures will kick off the program with an opening Grand Keynote. This will be followed by 3 great concurrent tracks, each showcasing keynotes …

Entrepreneurs Set to Converge

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That is the central core of the theme at TiEcon 2020, catered towards those of you who have an idea: the entrepreneurs.  Peter Drucker has famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” If you are an entrepreneur then TiEcon 2020 is the place where you want to CONVERGE. TiE Silicon Valley has plenty to offer for …

Entrepreneurship in the Spotlight at TiEcon 2019

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Start. Connect. Scale. The 2019 theme of the world’s largest entrepreneurship conference in the heart of Silicon Valley could not be more succinct. At TiEcon 2019, join us on the entrepreneurship track as we explore how to cure the disconnects in your startups, strategies for startups to succeed, early-stage challenges and differentiation, typical roadblocks startups and entrepreneurs face such as the funding …

TiEcon MentorConnect

MentorConnect: An Invaluable Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

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At TiEcon, the largest technology-anchored conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, mentorship is at our very foundation.    At TiEcon 2019, the largest technology-anchored conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, it’s no surprise that mentorship is in our DNA. MentorConnect is our flagship program at TiEcon Silicon Valley, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 10-11, 2019 where you’ll find a structured …