How much does your data matter?

Darshana Nadkarni Blog News

Daneil Keys Moran, computer programmer and science fiction writer, once said about Big Data, “You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data”.    Unfortunately, there is a lot of data floating around that does not provide much valuable information.  Data is the foundation of digital business but the challenge is in unlocking the information and value …

TiEcon Marketing Chair Anand Akela and Sandy Carter , IBM VP battling for number #1 spot on Tweetwall

Welcome Sandy Carter, GM, Developer Ecosystem, IBM to TiEcon 2016

Anand Akela Blog News

It’s my pleasure to welcome Sandy Carter, GM of Developer Ecosystem and Startups at IBM as the keynote speaker in Trending Tech track of TiEcon 2016. The topic of her keynote is “Disruptive Technologies That You Should Be Investing In Today“. Sandy is very supportive of the entrepreneurs, startups and the ecosystem. She is really excited to be part of TiEcon 2016 …

How big data economy is changing everything

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Big Data Economy is booming. Distributed computing and storage technology databases are getting industrialized. Real-time and streaming applications are becoming ubiquitous. More and more companies are striving to become data-driven.  Data is fueling our economy so much that many industries are being disrupted by innovative use of data and data products. Artificial Intelligence infused cognitive data applications are making our …