Social Entrepreneurship – A Necessity for Societal Development

Manish Garg Blog News

Beyond a technology startup, or solving a business problem in private or public sector, there is a great need for addressing social challenges faced around the world from bare necessities, low cost healthcare, tapping into rural talent, or inspiring entrepreneurship in rural or disadvantaged areas. Social Entrepreneurship plays a significant role in economic and societal development at the bottom of the pyramid.

TiEcon 16 presents a track on Social Entrepreneurship, which includes the following tracks:

  • Technology impact in daily lives of visually impaired
  • Transforming rural youth into knowledge professionals
  • Technology innovations in Agriculture

Our speakers will address affordable Healthcare, Microfinance, Agriculture, Education and more with their exciting stories, lessons learned, and solutions.

Join us at TiEcon 2016, the world’s largest entrepreneurship

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