Sneak Peek: Three Companies from YouWeb Incubator Showcasing at TiEcon Expo

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This article originally appeared in the April 2016 issue of The Startup Edge, TiE Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurial magazine.

Chai Wala (Chime), Smart Card (Radiius), and Knowledge-Sharing Platform (GotIt!)…One Mentor…YouWeb Incubator at TiEcon Expo 2016 – Suman Goel, Chair, Expo Committee

TiEcon 2016 is a great place to launch your new startup, show case your innovative technology, or even gain user experience for your disruptive products or services. You never know, who you meet to invest in you in time and money.

Peter Relan, a serial entrepreneur and successful mentor bringing his three companies to TiEcon 2016. Three out of 28 companies were nurtured at YouWeb incubator founded by Peter Relan.


According to Peter, “We only accept one company a quarter. I act as an early stage “co-founder” to help with product strategy and align fit, team building and funding. We promote these companies to a syndicate on Angel List. YouWeb has sponsored 28 startups to date. Our investors include super angels such as Dan Warmenhoven of NetApp, Somasegar, ex-head of Tools at Microsoft, Raj Shah of Google Maps and Bing Maps, and CXOs of major technology companies including Oracle, HP and Yahoo. We had some nice exits too, including by Facebook and Google.”

Three companies exhibiting to TiEcon from YouWeb incubator are the following:

GotIt! an on demand  marketplace for sharing knowledge has been funded, to be announced soon. The GotIt! team will be at TiEcon to unveil its exciting platform technology that connects users to experts on the fly.

Camellia Labs has created Chime the first authentic chai machine like Keurig is for coffee.  Chime has a breakthrough new automated dual boiler technology, which delivers a fresh hot chai or chai tea latte in two minutes with minimal cleaning. Watching the Starbucks menu you can see Chai is now on the verge of exploding as the new drink. Visit

Radiius is creating QUADRUS, the world’s first smartcard with a quad purpose technology: chip, magstripe, NFC and fingerprint scanner for unlocking the card during use. Thus, unlike Coin, which has no chip technology, mandated by the credit card industry since Oct 2015, QUADRUS works everywhere. Sales begin in May. Finally people can just carry one card.