Reinventing Life During and Post COVID-19 with Deepak Chopra, MD

8ty6 TiEcon 2020

Celebrity author and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, MD, joined us at our first anchor event Road To TiEcon as a Grand Keynote Speaker. He shared his imperial wisdom on managing physical & mental health during a global pandemic crisis & social unrest environment.

Currently, humanity is going through the process of grief during this pandemic. As a physician, the process of grief in hospitals usually lasts for an hour before death. There’s this phase of why me, followed by anger and hostility, resignation and acceptance eventually. This last step allows for healing. 

During this pandemic, the environment has started thriving. The Himalayas are thriving, and pollution levels have drastically decreased, a sure sign that climate change is reversible. The significant problems in today’s world are social unrest, racial injustice, economic justice, and rapid unsustainability.

Fun facts of today’s world include:

  • If insects disappeared in today’s world, humans would become extinct in 5 years.
  • If humans were to become extinct, this world would be back to the garden of Eden.

As humans, it is only right to care about all lives on earth and not just ours. Eastern traditions of Vedanta prove that life is entangled at the level of genetic information. This is responsible for the biosphere. Ecology should be considered the number 1 science in today’s world. 

Vaccines to treat viruses will come and go but is not a permanent solution. Mutation happens when the ecosystem is distressed. Vedantists believe that the universe is an extended body. The Ganga is believed to be the pulse of our universe. Everything is thriving with information. 

The next extinction is said to be caused by humans. Climate is just one aspect of that. There’s a war on drugs, racial injustice, etc. The solutions to this include the emergence of creativity and a grand vision. Emergence happens during maximum diversity. For example, for an organization to run well, it contains arts, the entertainment industry, and humanitarians who complement each other’s strengths. Daring to face the system is the only way for emergence. 

Is a peaceful planet possible?

It is possible in today’s world, especially with the internet. When, for example, an emoticon is sent to someone, they are hit with dopamine. This will create a pandemic of joy and spread love. 

However, today’s world is suffering due to competition and divisiveness. Chronic diseases are prevalent today. Chronic diseases are caused by low-grade anxiety, pressure, and low-grade inflammation. 95% of chronic diseases are caused by low-grade inflammation, and only 5% is genetic. The reasons for inflammation come from lack of sleep, mind & body coordination, emotions, and lack of exercise. Emotions highly affect our bodies. The body is the instant monitor of the internal dialogue. Each one of us is part of an ecosystem of emotions. 

Nature & Microbiomes

It’s essential to be with nature. If one is brought up in the industrial world, 30% of the biome disappears because the microbiome is distressed. To achieve the maximum biomes in our body, remove excessive use of inflammatory products. A healthy diet improves the microbiomes in the body, which includes eating farm-fresh products. In the Amazon forest, the tribal people have 20 million extra genes, the maximum diversity for a healthy body. 

Holistic Solutions 

The best techniques to manage our internal self for a healthier system would be to have a comprehensive solution. The best methods would be to meditate and do yoga. The sympathetic overdrive will be counter reacted with parasympathetic systems in our body for mind-body healing. This gives morbidity of 65-70%. 

How does a company reach maximum potential in today’s world?

It is achievable if we take care of our career well-being. This involves shared vision, the maximum diversity of talent that complement each other’s strengths. Every human being has 35 strengths. It would be to identify everyone’s strengths and incubate together. A shared vision should be achieved through stillness. There should be a lot of self-inquiry and how to create smart goals. 

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