MentorConnect & VCConnect provides Advice and Networking Opportunities to Budding Entrepreneurs!

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MentorConnect provides TiEcon attendees an invaluable opportunity to meet with mentors – experienced entrepreneurs, TiEcon speakers and TiE Charter Members who have lived through the entrepreneurship experience and are willing to generously share what they have learned!

Lunchtime on Friday and Saturday MentorConnect sessions will take place over lunch on both days of the conference.

How to sign up:
Register for TiEcon using the “Register Now” button below and select the option “Interested in MentorConnect.” TiEcon will send you a link to sign up for Mentor Connect after you register for TiEcon.



This year at TiEcon 2016, we are excited to bring you a brand new program calledVCConnect. This program provides that first connection between pre-selected “hot companies” and multiple VCs. These companies will give “speed pitches” and get valuable VC feedback. The objective is to expose promising startups to domain-specific (IoT, Cloud & IT and Data Economy) VCs to socialize their business story while making their first ten VC connections.

Friday May 6th 2:00pm4:00pm

How to sign up:
Participants will be chosen from a highly competitive pool selected from among TiE 50, Bootcamp, International Biz Plan Competition winners, and other “hot” applicants. Qualified startups will only be those seeking first institutional round of funding. If you qualify, send an email to [email protected] (Important Note: Startups that are raw and have not yet gone through a seed round of funding are not eligible for this program).