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MentorConnect: An Invaluable Opportunity for Entrepreneurs

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At TiEcon, the largest technology-anchored conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, mentorship is at our very foundation.

At TiEcon 2019, the largest technology-anchored conference dedicated to fostering entrepreneurship, it’s no surprise that mentorship is in our DNA.

MentorConnect is our flagship program at TiEcon Silicon Valley, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center on May 10-11, 2019 where you’ll find a structured environment for mentorship.

We are proud to offer the MentorConnect experience during the lunch session of our conference where you can personally connect with our distinguished panel of luminaries.

Whether you are a novice or an experienced entrepreneur looking to validate your ideas, you have the opportunity to be mentored on a nearly one-on-one basis by some of the most accomplished entrepreneurs/professionals in the business.

Delegates say it’s like networking on steroids.

We have limited availability for MentorConnect sessions and it will be offered on first-come, first-served basis. So, register now for a confirmed MentorConnect session–please be sure to check the box “Interested in MentorConnect.”

These are a few of the mentors that will be available to you at our conference. A full list is coming soon. You will be able to select the mentor that best meets your needs.

TiEcon MentorConnectFAQs:

  • Who are the mentors? Experienced entrepreneurs, TiEcon speakers and TiE Charter Members who have lived through the entrepreneurship experience and are willing to generously share their deep knowledge with delegates at TiEcon 2019.
  • How it works: Entrepreneurs at TiEcon 2019 may select a mentor of their choice for a round table session with no more than three other entrepreneurs per mentor at TiEcon 2019. Participants in these sessions will have the opportunity to introduce their startup ideas and to discuss lessons learned from a mentor’s personal point of view regarding their own entrepreneurial journey.
  • When it happens: During TiEcon 2019 at lunchtime on Friday and Saturday during the conference.
  • How to sign up: Register for TiEcon 2019 using the Register Now link, select the option “Interested in Mentor Connect,” and we’ll send you the MentorConnect sign up.