MentorConnect 2016

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MentorConnect at TiEcon 2016 takes place over lunch on the two days of the conference. As a TiEcon attendee, you have the opportunity to participate in MentorConnect, where you will seek a Mentor and be able to converse with them and seek advice from them in a small setting. You can select the Mentor of your choice based on your needs and requirements. Some of you will need a Mentor who can help with your team building; others need assistance with company growth; and others with ideation, etc. You will be able to search across all the Mentors  and determine the one that best fits your needs. These mentors are highly successful entrepreneurs / investors / corporate professionals.

This year, we are adopting a new way to enroll in MentorConnect. You will seek a mentor and enroll using the TiEcon 2016 mobile app – which can be downloaded from the iTunes store or the Google Play store.

This post will walk you through the steps of seeking a Mentor and enrolling for MentorConnect.

First, download the app from the AppStore. When you search for “TiEcon 2016”, you will find the app show below.

AppStore Listing

When you open the app, you will see the “MENTOR CONNECT” tab as seen below

Launch Screen of the app

Note that the MentorConnect tab is not open for all TiEcon attendees. You need to be invited to participate. Invitations are sent to the people that checked the “Interested in MentorConnect” box at the time of registering for TiEcon. Invitations are sent in the order we received the conference registrations. So, the earlier you registered for TiEcon, the sooner you will receive the invitation. Once you receive the email, you can navigate to this tab and follow the steps outlined below. We expect all invitations to be sent by April 24, 2016. If you believe that you should have received an invite and did not, you can send an email to [email protected]

Within the MentorConnect tab, you will see the list of Mentors that are available for that particular day:

List of Mentors avaiable

You can select a Mentor for each day of the conference. To pick another day, tap of the date and you will have the option to select another day:


When you tap on a Mentor, you will see their profile:


Just tap on Enroll if you want to select that Mentor for the given day.

You can also search for Mentors with tags. Just tap on the search icon and enter the tag:


You can now select the Mentor from the list of Mentors that satisfy the tag and enroll.

On behalf of the MentorConnect team, I certainly hope that you have a successful TiEcon 2016.