(Mentee) Logistics For MentorConnect on May 6th

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Participating in (virtual) MentorConnect (during TiEcon) involves several steps:

  1. Include the MentorConnect Add-On while registering
  2. Select (up to three choices) a Mentor in your time slot(s) of choice
  3. The matching of Mentors (to mentees) is done on a first-come-first serve basis
  4. You are registered in the (virtual) room (AirMeet, this year) for the Mentor

The Mentors have allocated time in their schedule to spend it with you. Please join your meeting at the scheduled time. Here are some suggestions on how to conduct the conversation with the Mentor. We have deliberately kept the number of slots small for each Mentor – to allow for deep, meaningful conversations. You have been allotted one of the few available slots for the mentor. There were several contenders for the slot. Please do make the most of your time with the Mentor.

At the appointed time (either 9 am PT or 1 pm PT on Thursday, May 6th), you can participate either by clicking on the (AirMeet) link that was emailed. You can also join by logging into the conference site. Note: The email that you use to login must match the email you used to register (and have been receiving the MentorConnect communications). Upon entering the main lobby, you will see:

Enter the “Programs” section and you will see

Now, when you enter “MentorConnect”, you will see the table for the Mentor assigned to you

After you click on “Join”, you will see the AirMeet room. Note that sign-in is possible only on the day and time of the event. You can fill in your name and organization to identify yourself to the other participants (and to the Mentor). Please be sure to use the email address that you have been receiving your MentorConnect emails. Your room will look like this:

You need to “Take a Seat” to join the session. For a flawless visualizing experience on Airmeet, do keep the following in mind:

  • Use a Laptop and Google Chrome to join.
  • Have a stable and good internet connection
  • If you have difficulty seeing the speaker’s feed, refresh the page/restart browser, and ensure that you close any other video conferencing tool you may have used recently.

That’s it! Enjoy the session with your Mentor. Please tweet / post in social media with the following hashtags: #TiEcon2021 #MentorConnect

We will be sending you a short survey form at the end of the event. Do take the time to fill in the survey.