Martech and Adtech: No Longer Apart

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By Vasudha Badri Paul

Technology innovations are shaking up every industry, and marketing is no exception. In the marketing stack, inventions are enabling a new breed of marketers who can create initiatives that drive business results. Data science, machine learning and analytics are driving a convergence of adtech and martech, maximizing marketing performance and ROI on ad expenditure. Marketing the right campaigns, to the right buyer, using the right channels, may soon be a tangible reality. And what’s the difference between adtech and martech, anyway?:

  • Marketing Technology – Platforms and tools used by marketing and sales organizations to manage and nurture leads, manage opportunities and customer contacts and funnel analytics and attribution.
  • Advertising Technology – Platforms and tools used by publishers, advertising operations and agencies for buying, selling, delivering, displaying, targeting display, video and mobile ads.

Advertising platforms are on a journey to deeply integrate with marketing automation, CRM platforms and other backend systems — in addition to providing a rich set of APIs to foster the creation of an entire ecosystem. Adtech platforms will merge with martech stacks from a technology, operations and organizational perspective.

Driving martech’s commercial value is the need to design marketing campaigns agile enough to adopt to audience behavior. Entering the space with high potential for growth are programmatic ads, expected to cross $30 Billion in the US by 2022. The ability to target the right audience, enhanced transparency and monitoring of campaigns, and faster customer conversion rates are advantages of using programmatic adtech.

#TiEcon 2017 on May 5th and 6th will have a track dedicated to martech. A series of interesting talks is scheduled with leaders in the industry, starting with “Martech at the Core of the Digital Marketing Transformation”.

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