IoT Causing Disruptions Across Domains

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Posted by: Darshana V. Nadkarni, Ph.D.
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Internet of Things (IoT) is making a real and significant impact to the economy and it will scale exponentially, in the future.  An estimated 50 billion devices around the globe, will be connected to the Internet, by 2020.  These newly connected devices, sensors, actuators etc. will monitor, control, analyze and optimize our world, in real time.  In addition to impacting the economy, this kind of optimized use of technology to sense, predict, influence, and control our physical world, will impact to the core, how we live our lives.

At TiEcon 2016, you will get a glimpse into the future of the world where IoT will be front and center.  You will get a flavor for how IoT is causing disruptions across domains, from agriculture to healthcare, from energy to insurance; how IoT is helping create smart cities, and may help solve global world problems around water, waste, energy, transportation, and environment management.  IoT will open a range of opportunities for a diverse range of entrepreneurs, in various domains.

I am excited about TiEcon for just this one track.  But every track is exciting and features cutting edge technologies that will exert disruptive impact on the future of humankind.  Guess I will need to clone myself to enjoy all the exciting tracks and panels.  There are also plenty of opportunities to network with like minded professionals, eager to participate in how the future unfolds.  Stay tuned and feel free to follow my blog for more information on panels, tracks, topics, and speakers at TiEcon, 2016.  Friends, I will look forward to seeing you at TiEcon, 2016.  Register as my friend through the link .