Deepak Chopra to Deliver Opening Keynote at the Road to TiEcon event on June 24

Nishi Saksena TiEcon 2020

Article by Anand Akela.

TiE SV is happy to announce that Deepak Chopra, MD,  renowned Indian-American author, and alternative medicine advocate will present the opening keynote at the virtual Road to TiEcon 2020 event on June 24th, at 7:30 am PST. During a time when the world is enduring an unprecedented situation with a global pandemic, along with civil, racial unrest in the US, it will be prudent to hear how Dr. Chopra manages his physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.


Dr. Chopra will guide us through his recommendations for navigating positive energy and health when the news around us arouses fear and uncertainty. He will also discuss his essential tools for relieving stress and optimizing wellbeing.
Dr.Chopra’s numerous books include The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Perfect Health, Quantum Healing, Meta-Human, and The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire, and many others. His Chopra center teaches meditation, pranayama, and other techniques for managing stress, sleeping better, and having a happier more joyful life. It also holds retreats where attendees can immerse themselves in these practices and allow their spirits to heal.
Dr. Chopra also has a meaningful partnership with Oprah Winfrey where they lead people through guided meditations in their live events and online platform. Through this partnership along with all his other forums, Dr. Chopra’s wisdom has reached tens of millions of people. He is well regarded as a leader in the cross between modern science, western medicine, and traditional healing practices.
The TiE global community is fortunate to have Dr.Chopra join us during this pandemic and era of uncertainty to hear his wise recommendations for each of us individually and as a collected conscience to move forward in our lives to a better world. His words of healing and optimism to bring wellness and joy back into our lives is much needed.
We look forward to having Dr. Chopra join us on June 24, at 7:30 AM PST for his inspirational opening keynote. We hope many of you in the global TiE community can also tune in to hear his message.
Written by Shoba Viswanath