Health is Wealth – The More, the Merrier – TiEInflect 2018

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All over the world today, people are living longer and healthier. In fact, healthcare is the world’s largest economy at $8 trillion dollars!

Of the countless innovations that have occurred over the last century. Lately, health and tech have seen unprecedented development and growth for everyone – providers, payers, patients, and even entrepreneurs.

Health(Tech) now is more wealth, all around.

Our accomplished track chairs, Aashima Gupta, Abhi Gholap, and Swati Kadam have designed a track keeping you in mind, whichever category you fall under.

Come and explore!
What is personalized medicine?
How can we leverage technology to live longer, healthier lives?

A mere 10 years ago, the concepts of AI and blockchain for use in healthcare weren’t on anyone’s mind yet today, the global digital health market is predicted to exceed $225 billion by 2020. Wondering how you can capitalize on this booming market? Consider these facts:

  • Patients want more control of their health and are trending to self-care options.
  • We’re facing an aging population, and a high prevalence of chronic diseases and budgetary constraints.
  • Health informatics is growing at an unprecedented rate.
  • mHealth is proving to be an effective tool to not only provide patient care, but also support patient compliance.

All of this and more will be hot topics of discussion at TiE Inflect’s HealthTech Track

Chief Health Information Officer,
Kaiser Permanente

Be sure to register today using discount code “tiefriends” so you don’t miss out on our special HealthTech keynote speaker, Dr. John Mattison, Chief Health Information Officer, Kaiser Permanente. Dr. Mattison will be sharing his views on how healthcare is being reinvented in today’s age of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Join us on May 4th and 5th and learn how you, too, can break-a-leg with massive advancements in digital health!! at TiE Inflect 2018 at the Santa Clara Convention Center.

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Marketing Co-Chair, TiE Inflect