FinTech, Blockchain Learning Tracks and Bootcamp @TiEInflect 2018

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Blockchain is Here!

In less than two years, blockchain technology and its applications have spread like wildfire. And it’s already changing the way business is run – in agriculture, medicine, finance, energy, logistics and transportation, just to name a few. Harvard Business Review predicts that in a mere two years, 65% of enterprises will use blockchain!

Walmart uses it for food safety, FDA for health data exchange, IBM for global financing, Northern Trust for private equity, Energy for carbon credits in China, Japanese Stock Exchange for trading and MAERSK for global trade digitization!

Whether you are a blockchain developer or an enterprise applications developer or user, you won’t want to miss the blockchain track. Here, you will learn:

  • The current state of the industry
  • Myths and realities
  • New opportunities
  • Regulatory ramifications

Now, here’s the question you might be asking – what is blockchain?

Blockchain is a shared ledger technology allowing any participant in a business to securely transact directly with accountability and high resistance to malicious tampering.

Come let’s decentralize the Internet together

Financial transactions are one application that the whole world is engaged in from banking, insurance, healthcare, retailing, bill payments, benefit disbursements and more.

So, we’ve also dedicated a full track on FinTech.

Why? Because FinTech startups received over $50 billion in funding and their innovations have already helped reduce costs, enable companies to provide differentiated offerings, and improve customer retention, challenging the tradition institutions.

Come attend the FinTech track and sharpen your knowledge about:

  • AI and FinTech current and future impact in financial industries
  • Role of Crypto Currencies
  • Payment systems
  • FinTech fortified by blockchain

Make your deposit now or go broke

If you want to sample the above sessions but are looking for critical hands-on hands-on training and instruction, the Blockchain Bootcamp is right for you! This foundational bootcamp will dive deep into the application of Blockchain to emerging technologies.

Blockchain Bootcamp
Bring laptop for hands-on: Bitcoin source code deep dive