Entrepreneurs Set to Converge

Darshana Nadkarni Announcement

That is the central core of the theme at TiEcon 2020, catered towards those of you who have an idea: the entrepreneurs. 

Peter Drucker has famously said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Converge. Create. Elevate. For the Entrepreneur.

TiEcon 2020 Theme, For the Modern Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur then TiEcon 2020 is the place where you want to CONVERGE. TiE Silicon Valley has plenty to offer for entrepreneurs. You might just create the right idea, find timely advice, meet a mentor, pair up with a partner, or connect with an interested investor. It is very likely to find something here that will be a catalyst for you to begin to CREATE the environment to bring that innovation to fruition. TiEcon has always offered an environment to ELEVATE innovation from the earliest idea stage to its fullest potential. 

TiEcon 2020 tracks are announced and they are extremely relevant to our current technological environment and very exciting. In the coming weeks, you will hear a great deal about the tracks, speakers, and keynotes. There are tracks and events that may offer something for all attendees like the Entrepreneurship Track or the Startup Bootcamp (May 7th). And then there are tracks that we all hear about and are on the cutting edge of new developments like Cloud, Security, IoT and Machine Learning.  In addition, there are tracks that focus on the human side of an organization and soft mentoring side of this conference like Diversity and Inclusion, Global Connect,  Mentor Connect, VC Connect and Young Entrepreneurs.

With convergence of well over 4,500 attendees, 220 speakers, 12 tracks, 1,300 industry leaders from 22+ countries, there is something here for every entrepreneur to sow the seeds for creation of that innovative idea into something magnificent or elevate it to something amazing. If you are intrigued, remember it all starts with convergence at TiEcon 2020. Registration is open at www.tiecon.org. Buy tickets before prices rise.

Darshana V. Nadkarni, Ph.D.