As an entrepreneur how will you integrate technology with marketing?

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Posted by Darshana V. Nadkarni, Ph.D.
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Technology is impacting every area of our lives. Blending marketing and advertising with technology dubbed MarTech and AdTech, is entirely changing the marketing landscape. When combined with big data and AI, there is greater efficiency in building, managing, delivering and optimizing campaigns, in placing, buying, and selling ads and in targeting to most optimum potential buyers.

But it’s not about build it and they will come or turn it on and revenues will multiply. Often martech purchase decisions underdeliver. As an entrepreneur, if you plan to lead your company through various stages of business lifecycle from seed stage to growth stage to expansion and maturity, then you will encounter an array of marketing challenges that will require different strategies and tactics.  While in earlier phase, your focus will be on building customer and prospect lists to drive product awareness, it will soon evolve into tracking and accessing purchasing activities, supporting customer segmentation based on demographics, past purchase history and gaining deeper insight about the customer to support segmentation and personalized targeting.

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