Discover the Silver Lining in IT Cloud at TiEcon 2016

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Posted by: Darshana V. Nadkarni, Ph.D.
MedTech & BioTech Recruitment

Do the privacy and security issues in a cloud driven world, keep you awake at night?  In future, will people own and have Cloud in their homes?  Will ever expanding cloud storage capacity expedite obsolescence of devices?  For instance, could machines like DVRs and TiVos become obsolete as television programs are stored on cloud servers?  How will Cloud impact Digital Health and together will it make a significant impact on quality of lives?  How will it impact cost of healthcare in future?

It is said, every cloud has a silver lining.  Find out about silver lining of IT Cloud at TiEcon.  Exciting panels and speakers, at TiEcon 2016, will explore all aspects related to transformation that is going on in Compute, Storage, Networking, Security and Operations.  Participants will learn about all the operational challenges of cloud infrastructure, security and privacy challenges, and will get a formidable perspective on the future of IT infrastructure.  Please register for TiEcon, as my friend, with this link .