Celebrating Entrepreneurship at TiEcon 2021

Vasudha Badri-Paul Entrepreneurship, TiEcon 2021

Entrepreneurship and TiEcon

Entrepreneurship at TiEcon 2021

TiEcon: Entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial environment of Silicon Valley is characterized by innovation, collaboration, and risk-taking. It provides the essential motivational framework required for tech startups.

Many startups are founded by employees and partners of established tech giants. It is easy to find and connect with experienced and supportive mentors belonging to the same field, to seek expert guidance in moving forward with one’s entrepreneurial venture. Starting a tech company around Wall Street may help in getting financial assistance. But specific guidance necessary for tech startups, knowledge of technological innovation, and expertise is abundant in Silicon Valley.

TiE SV was founded in 1992 by a group of entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals with roots in the South Asian or Indus region and was named TiE for “The Indus Entrepreneurs.” It has since moved away from that focus and is open and inclusive.

TiEcon, the flagship annual conference for TiE SV brings together entrepreneurs and executives from all over the world. In May 2021, the conference will be virtual for the second year in a row.  Speakers, panelists, investors, executives, and entrepreneurs are brought together to share ideas, give insightful knowledge, and to engage and excite entrepreneurs to starting or continuing their journey.  There is significant advice from VCs and mentors in financial arena about raising capital as well.

The conference is always well attended by thousands of attendees, with last year being the first virtual conference having the highest record audience of any TiEcon.  It proves that the yearning for the knowledge and insights from leaders in tech, healthcare, and other arenas is there and that there are hungry entrepreneurs listening carefully so they can decide about how to make their next steps.

TiEcon 2021: Entrepreneurship track

The Entrepreneurship track at TiEcon 2021 will help you grow your technology startup from idea to concept to funding, and go to market.  You will learn about fundraising, legal issues, recruiting, sales, and marketing from experienced entrepreneurs who have built successful technology focused companies.  You will hear their stories on how they navigated the fierce competition for talent, funding, and customers.

Where do you focus your time and attention as an entrepreneur? How do you grow your company? We will answer these questions and more.

Register for TiEcon 2021: www.TiEcon.org