Iamge of AI in Healthcare. TiEcon 2021

AI Will Transform Healthcare

Vasudha Badri-Paul Health Tech, TiEcon 2021

  Artificial Intelligence (AI) influence on healthcare will be transformative in the coming years.  Already more than $6.6 Billion is pouring into AI companies which are looking to make impact in the healthcare industry.  From hospital care, clinical research, drug development, and insurance, AI will have tremendous impact in quality of care and patient outcomes.  More than $150 Billion investment is expected by …

Coronavirus Vaccines and Immunity

Darshana Nadkarni Health Tech

By Darshana V. Nadkarni. Ph.D. Twitter @DarshanaN www.darshanavnadkarni.wordpress.com As coronavirus vaccines are starting to get rolled out, people have many questions. How soon a person receiving the vaccine may develop the immunity, how long the immunity will last, what if one does not take the second dose, can one still be a carrier without exhibiting symptoms and so on. Let …

Dedicated track on Healthcare in a Post-COVID Era at Virtual TiEcon 2020

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Healthcare is undergoing a Renaissance! Technology is revolutionizing healthcare through AI, Blockchain, Telemedicine, AR/VR and Robotics. This trillion-dollar industry was moving at snail’s pace with single-digit adoption until COVID-19, which provided tailwinds to fuel this transformation resulting in widespread adoption and accelerated growth. This TiEcon 2020, the HealthTech Track will discuss how adopters of Tech in Healthcare are transforming the …