AI for Entrepreneurs

AI for Entrepreneurs – from buzz to reality with USP²

Venkat Eswara AI/ML, TiEcon 2021

We have seen significant technological advancements during the last decade and artificial intelligence (AI) has the become the buzz word across various industries. There was never a day or a conversation in venture capital (VC) communities, businesses, social gatherings or government policies that didn’t include a single mention of AI. Just the mention of AI made individuals and organizations relevant …

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Bootcamp

Darshana Nadkarni AI/ML, Blog News

Artificial Intelligence emphasizes the development of machines that think and reason like humans. As this technology is becoming more and more sophisticated where machines are acquiring an ability to learn, reason and self-correct, the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are expanding and are becoming relevant to almost all professional areas. At TiEcon 2020, a bootcamp focused on AI/ML …

Why Now for AI in Manufacturing?

Venkat Eswara AI/ML, Blog News, TiEcon 2021

Technology always evolves faster than our ability to adapt. AI is becoming mainstream in the consumer and enterprise sectors. So, it’s not a question of if but when AI will become the norm in the manufacturing sector. In fact, it already is. On the one hand, the COVID-19 pandemic has heightened uncertainty for the global economy. On the other, it has created an opportunity …