Calling all Entrepreneurs: Learn & Network at TiEcon 2017

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At TiEcon, you will meet the people behind some of the biggest innovations today — the founders, the investors, the employees, the decision-makers. When you’re working in tech, there’s always more work to be done — but nothing replaces meeting the right people. The TiE network is 61 chapters strong in 19 countries, and this is the founding and flagship annual TiE event with so many accomplished people and so much energy in one place.

Come to our Software-Defined Infrastructure Track! 

In this track, we’ll explore new deployment models — containers, microservices and serverless architectures — we’ll look at software-defined infrastructure, applications to infrastructure beyond the data center, the future of devops, investor interest, and much much more! Here’s just a glimpse of the speaker lineup:

 Mohit Aron, Founder & CEO, Cohesity
 Florian Leibert, Founder & CEO, Mesosphere
 Sheng Liang, CEO, Rancher Labs

…and many more! 

And we’re also bringing back an ever-popular TiEcon track:


Come learn about cybersecurity opportunities and challenges for entrepreneurs and unmet challenges in enterprise security. Or how to mitigate hyper-growth in security attack surface as inexpensively as possible. We’ll also address the challenges and solutions for endpoint security. Here’s some of our fantastic speakers for this track:

 Sunil Seshadri, Chief Information Security Officer, Visa
 Haseeb Bhudani, VP Enterprise Strategy, Akamai Technologies
 Kate Mitselmakher, Gartner Invest

…and many more!