Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI Tracks at TiEcon 2023

Darshana Nadkarni AI/ML

By: Darshana Nadkarni, Ph.D.
Twitter: @DarshanaN

Generative AI: Advances, Challenges & Future Opportunities

In this exciting AI track at #TiEcon 2023, panelists Igor Joblokov, CEO and founder of Pryon AI and Ankit Jain, machine learning tech lead at Meta, will discuss advancements, challenges and future prospects of Generative AI. These seasoned panelists will share their experiences and insights in the state of the AI art and future directions in this fast evolving field. In the previous post, I briefly explained AI and Generative AI at link .

Joblokov was named “Industry Luminary” by Speech Technology Magazine, and previously founded industry pioneer Yap, one of the earliest high accuracy, fully automated cloud platform for voice recognition. Pryon’s sophisticated AI does not rely on prepped classification schemes but instead is able to create them as required, processing it for immediate use, as required. It has superior NLP skills and is able to make the content ready for use in chat bots, search and automation by breaking it into specific pieces and automatically attaches rich metadata to each piece of information. Data is automatically tuned through Pryon’s application of unsupervised learning and Pryon’s invention enables messy enterprise data to be fused into one seamless model.

Anikt Jain at Meta is a highly experienced AI researcher and his works have been published in several top publications and AI conferences. Jain has won several awards including “AI professional of the year for 2022” by UK’s Incisive Media, currently “Outstanding Leadership Award” in 2022, in Dubai and more.

MLOps: Bridging the gap between ML and Operations

In this session, filled with real world examples, the panel will focus on the machine learning lifecycle, from model development to deployment and monitoring and will share best practices for implementing MLOps to drive successful machine learning initiatives.

Currently serving as CTO at Tech Mahindra, Dr. Pandian Angaiyan will moderate the session. He brings with him deep insights in image processing and high performance computing. Angaiyan will talk with Hagay Lupesko, VP of Engineering at Mosaic ML about best practices in leading machine learning efforts and deployment.

It is an understatement to say that this is a complex undertaking. The process of developing, building and deploying vast machine learning projects involve working in tandem with an enormous number of systems and stakeholders. Trusting machines versus humans is the first point of challenge. Next the data pipeline has to be super smart and must be constantly monitored. Production and availability of the minimum amount of data required to train the machine is also a huge challenge in healthcare and medical research data. All incidents must be traced and changes must be made in a timely manner. The last mile of implementation involves the biggest challenge particularly in complex and messy data industries where the stakes are high, like healthcare and medical research.  

Angaiyan has vast experience in increasing efficiency in time to market and time to cash flow for large scale digital productions and Lupesko has enormous experience in deploying huge state of the art machine learning engineering efforts at massive scale.  With their joint breadth of experience, these two tech leaders will make this a highly exciting session, full of implementable insights. 

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