Artificial Intelligence & Generative AI Opportunities & Challenges

Darshana Nadkarni AI/ML

By Darshana Nadkarni, Ph.D.
Twitter @DarshanaN

Chat GPT has been all the rage lately and Artificial Intelligence track at #TiEcon 2023 will highlight the latest advances in AI.  In this post, I will share info on AI and Generative AI and in the next post, I will share some info on exciting AI tracks at TiEcon 2023. Please see both posts for complete details on the tracks at TiEcon.

Simply put, AI combines advances in computer science with robust datasets to enable problem-solving. Assigning repetitive cumbersome tasks to the machines enables for error free processing and enables research and development processes to be speedy and more efficient. However, traditional AI was not very creative and people complained that a lot of garbage-in frequently resulted in more garbage out.

Generative AI algorithms offer a superior way, enabling machines to generate new outputs based on the data they have been trained on. Whereas traditional AI systems recognize patterns and offer outputs, Generative AI systems can recognize patterns and can make new predictive content in the form of images, text, audio, and more.

Generative AI technology is increasingly going to be used in all industries. For instance, in the field of drug discovery, it can be trained to sift through vast amounts of documents and data and  predict drug efficacy and side effects within a short time, saving enormous resources and time. This in turn could result in lower drug prices and speedier availability of effective drugs, thus saving lives. Generative AI has implications in diverse fields such as art, music, fashion, gaming, cybersecurity and more. By allowing teams to simulate products in virtual environments and for complex problems to be solved more quickly it can save resources, accelerate speed of innovation and improve accuracy.

Please see next post on details on AI tracks at #TiEcon 2023, the largest entrepreneurship conference to take place in Santa Clara, CA in May, 2023 and register for the conference at .