Announcing a Brand New Track for TiEcon 2017: Govtech

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GovTechWe are experiencing the ever-connected world at our fingertips; why should our experience as citizens interacting with government services be different? Governments are hearing and acting on this groundswell of demand, making Govtech a ripe and ready space for disruption. A shift in demographics and the need to do more with less means technology investments for new and improved government and civic services are estimated to be $400 billion globally over years to come. Countries like Singapore and Estonia are moving fast towards digital societies and thus blazing a path forward for us to see the possibilities.

This year we have created a special Govtech program to focus on the use of new technology in government and on improving services provided to/from citizens. I’m chairing the Govtech track at TiEcon, being held on Friday, May 5th starting at 10:30 am. Our team is thrilled to offer you a program that’s not only different from anything that we’ve offered at TiEcon before, but that addresses areas of innovation requiring government engagement that will impact us all: driverless vehicle traffic management, public service chatbots, real-time video analytics and more!


  Ann Dunkin, Chief Information Officer, Santa Clara County

  Siim Sukkut, Chief Information Officer, Country of Estonia 


  John Bergin, Business Tech Officer, US Department of Defense
  Hardik Bhatt, Chief Information Officer, State of Illinois
 Jay Nath, Chief Innovator Officer, San Francisco

  Andrew McMahon, Director, Dcode42

…and many more!

Come be a part of this exciting, globally-focused Govtech track to learn of various new opportunities and the most pressing technology issues governments and agencies worldwide are working to address. You’ll have the chance to network and learn from the leaders in International, Federal, State and Local governments, as well as various companies and startups going after and selling into this huge opportunity. If you just plan to attend the Govtech track and not the rest of the conference, we’re offering it for free if you register here. Those registered for the full conference will also, of course, be able to attend the Govtech track.

You can register for the full conference (including Govtech) here.

I look forward to hosting you.

Best Regards,
Samir Mitra