How AI will shape Enterprise Applications? Learn at hands-on AI/ML Bootcamp @TiEInflect

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For large Enterprises, Data Variety trumps volumewhile looking for insights.   More Enterprises are inclined to make Big decisions with data.   To do this efficiently, applications need to be intelligent to:

  1. Accumulate data
  2. Analyze data
  3. Act based on data

The business processes in Enterprise applications so far have been workflow based.  The data is gathered from the workflow to then be utilized to do reporting.

The future of Enterprise applications will be based on

  • Intelligence rather than workflow and
  • Prescriptive rather than reporting

And now,

  • How do you pick the right projects?
  • How to make ROI on these projects?

Essentially, Intelligence will drive the workflow and Prescriptive actions will be based on predictions.


We have a dedicated full-day Bootcampon AI/ML, where we will discuss actual survey-based roadblocks that AI and IOT projects face, along with real-life use cases, methods and processes.

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About the Author: Karpagam Narayanan is founder of eKryp that provides Prescriptive actions for all aspects of service Operations. She is currently in the Board of TiE Silicon Valley.  She can be reached via Twitteror Linkedin