COVID-19: A Message from TiE Silicon Valley

Nishi Saksena Announcement

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its impact so far.

As we prepare for #TiEcon2020, we are keeping a close eye on the news about the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its impact. We want to reassure you that the safety of our team and event attendees is of utmost importance to us. The developments around COVID-19 are constantly changing.  We are following the advice and guidance of the World Health Organization, the CDC, State of California, and the Santa Clara Convention Center. We will be making necessary adjustments/decisions in accordance with guidelines from these organizations when it comes to COVID-19. We will also be posting updates regarding the status of the conference and precautions we will be taking during the conference to this effect in a timely manner so that you are kept informed.

The most important way to minimize the risk of contracting COVID-19 in our community is to take the following precautions:
  • Please stay home if you are sick, especially if you have fever or flu-like symptoms

  • Please get yourself evaluated by a health care professional if you are not feeling well

  • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with soap for at least 20 seconds

  • Say Hello, Namaste, bow, or bump elbows instead of shaking hands

  • Please refrain from touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth as much as you can

  • Sneeze in a tissue and throw it in the trash

  • Use a paper towel, disinfecting wipe or tissue to touch publicly used surfaces, such as railings, bathroom doors, elevator buttons, and keypads

  • Keep sanitizer handy, all the times

  • If you have traveled recently to an area of high risk as advised by the Public Health Department, or have come in contact with any person with the coronavirus infection, that person should self-quarantine for 14 days. This virus takes time to show symptoms, so please exercise caution.

Please stay home if you are sick, especially if you have fever or flu-like symptoms. We kindly request that you  NOT  attend any of TiE’s events till you have been cleared by your healthcare professional. We are requesting this to ensure your safety and that of all our members and visitors. Our goal is to keep our community healthy, happy and protected.

The TiE Silicon Valley Team