2020 Silver Linings on the Road for Cloud Computing

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By   Dennis Payton and Laura Medanich.

Ask any seasoned Entrepreneur, market volatility and disruption create opportunity. As we emerge from the 2020 storm, what are the silver lining opportunities technologists and entrepreneurs can engage?

With the pandemic-fueled mass migration to WFH (work from home) and increasing Mobile workforce acceleration, cloud spending went from a very nice growth market to burgeoning accelerated growth. Economic instability triggered by the pandemic is expected to push budget conscious CIOs to migrate to cloud resources and maintain that acceleration.


Public Cloud Services IT spending is expected to increase to $304.9 billion (18.6% YoY growth) in 2021.  Seventy percent (70%) of organizations say they are planning to increase their cloud spending in 2021 [1].

We’ve seen two years of digital transformation in two months.

— Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO [2] and past TiEcon speaker

This new market dynamic, heightened the need for compact – high performance application scalability and compact serverless architectures to address demand for the mobile WFH workforce transition.  End-user Software as a Service (SaaS) spending growth is forecasted at $117.7 billion for 20211 and envisage 500 million new Cloud Native digital apps by 2023 [3].

Accelerated Pace of Cloud Adoption

Driven by Pandemic, WFH will help leapfrog corporate digital transformation as an additive to emerging technologies that demand scalability, reliability and continuous delivery of features and services to the market.

  • Faster acceptance of new technologies:  AI Engineering, 5G Mobility, Serverless Application architectures
  • The need for multi-cloud deployment and management across those environments
  • New set of challenges for CISOs/security and CIO regulatory and business compliance for diverse global privacy requirements
  • Tech companies driving customer migration to cloud environments
  • Emergence of consumption-based IT – public cloud-like capabilities in on-premises and added security
  • Shift of maintenance of legacy IT to new digital transformation initiatives
  • Hybrid cloud has become central to successful digital transformation

Elevated technologies like quantum computing, open source, containerization, 5G mobility and AI, are empowering organizations to operate their workloads on public cloud IaaS, PaaS with FaaS and CaaS jump starting native cloud development. All while avoiding another storm in maintaining enterprise GRC (governance & regulatory compliance) and preemptive protection in delivering compact, cost-effective, and secure application products and services.

Cloud Technology Predictions for 2021-2025

While none of us can truly predict the weather, we can all leverage the silver linings and learnings from past storms. Cloud Computing paths and driving technologies, pushing down the road into the future; include emerging trends and drivers that can be engaged:

  1. Cloud Edge exceptional jump in growth with accelerated WFH drivers
  2. AI Engineering especially in the areas of DataOps, ModelOps and DevOps
  3. Multi-Cloud and Cross Provider Service offerings
  4. Serverless Applications as part of the top five top PaaS cloud services
  5. Automated Orchestration and Optimization to ease the complexity of managing across interconnected services

These trends are areas to watch for new opportunities and investment and, given our current trajectory, be confident of the future. With the leader being the Cloud’s “as a service” (XaaS) category, both public (shared) and dedicated (private) cloud services, forecasted to deliver a five-year CAGR of 21.0% with overall revenue expanding to a $1.0T Market by 2024[4]. XaaS will be one of the largest categories to elevate the conversation and explore at this year’s TiEcon.

Come join us as we explore Cloud silver linings of emerging opportunity.  Engage with entrepreneurs and thought leaders at Silicon Valley’s top world ranked event; TiEcon’s Cloud and Security technology track May 6th – 8th www.tiecon.org

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By Dennis Payton and Laura Medanich


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